Who are you?

         Recently I have been very impressed by a post by my fellow blogger, Mr.Rohan Gandhi. I believe that he is a wonderful writer with a great vision. The name of the post is BE NEGATIVE. Till date I was thinking that I was a negative person but this post had completely given me a clarity that I am not a negative person.Let me explain, Mr Rohan has given a clear example that if a student with positive attitude is not able to solve a math problem he gets tired but he keeps an attitude that tomorrow will be different and he doesn’t study that day. But the next day with fresh mind he will definitely solve the problem. Now he explained that very well and I agree with him because I thought that I don’t think positive but when he gave me an example about negative thinkers I was shaken a bit, OK let me tell you how, Mr.Rohan explained about the negative person with a similar example. Mr Rohan wrote that if a student with negative attitude isn’t able to solve the math problem then he will think that if he is not able to solve the problem today then how could he solve the problem tomorrow? So he continues to work hard and solve the problem on the same day. Now this statement has really depressed me because I was proud of myself thinking that I was a negative thinker which I am not according to Mr Rohan.

        I have placed myself in the shoes of the student to have better vision about this topic .If i could not solve the problem then I will  also keep a positive thought that tomorrow will be different and I won’t solve the math that day. So at that moment I am a positive thinker. The next day when I try the problem it should be solved but if it is not solved, then who am I? Definitely I am not a positive thinker and it is also clear that I am not a negative thinker too because if I was a negative thinker I would have already solved it. Mr Rohan had also answered this question, he gave another example and told that if a person who thinks negative and isn’t doing the task then he is not negative person, he is a coward. So according to Mr Rohan I am a coward, wait a minute am I a coward? Hmmmmm……. Yes I am but not always, in fact I am a kind of person who act according to the situation which is sometimes the slave of time. Now let me add a factor called time for the above examples. If a I have two day’s time to solve my math’s assignment then as I have time with a positive attitude I hope that I would solve the problem the next day, as I got time I am a positive thinker .The next day with the fresh mind I try the problem .After sometime I am tired as I could not solve the math. I am only left with an option of getting up early in the morning and trying the math with a fresh mind but now I doubt that if I am not able to solve the problem with a fresh mind today then how come I solve it tomorrow? So I gave up positive thinking and added more efforts and finally I solve the problem on the same day, now I am a negative thinker. If I give up trying to solve the problem on my own as I lost interest after trying hard for two days, I copy the assignment from a friend, now I am a coward.

       If you ask me who I am? I can tell you confidently that I am a positive thinker sometimes, negative thinker sometimes and sometimes I act like a coward depending on time and situation. Now, if I ask you, Who are you? What would you say?

      I thank Mr Rohan Gandhi for writing a wonderful post which helped me learn about myself. Anyone who like’s this post may suggest a title in the comment box. The apt title will be named to the post .Thank you

7 thoughts on “Who are you?”

  1. I don’t know what kind of person. With different situations I am a different person. So I am both rigid in my principles but fluid in the way I tackle them. Each day brings a different outlook. Depending on the situation

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