Golden Period.

       It was 9:30 A.M and I was running to the classroom, to tell a student to be punctual, a teacher should be punctual first which I am not but I try my level best to be. At 9:31 A.M I reached the class. It was 2nd year EEE(electrical) section ‘A’ and it was the first time I was teaching them but it wasn’t the first class. There was pin drop silence once I entered the classroom, it wasn’t respect it was fear as they have seen how aggressive I can be if there was disturbance in the class. I used to be very happy that the class was silent as the silence in the class showed my control over it .But as days passed I could not enjoy the class. Most of the students were sitting in the class as if they were sitting on a hot pan, they had blank expression on their face and were pretending as if they were listening to my class. A teacher would be more satisfied when the students are paying attention in the class which wasn’t happening in my class. I felt like I was telling a class to the walls and benches of the class room. It was 10:10, still there were 20 minutes but I stopped the class as I could not continue further. I thought I should interact a bit with the students.

“Is the class boring? “ I asked, no one responded. No one should if they respond, my ego would hurt.

“OK today I would like to interact with you guys”, when I said so most of the students got relieved that there was no more class.

”You know when I was doing engineering I was exactly like you”, now there was a small buzz in the class making me feel that I wasn’t talking to the wall or benches.

 “Come on guys I was also a student then. I liked to tease the teachers, I used to sleep in the class, I hated to listen to the class, I bunked the classes to go to the canteen, I bunked the classes to watch movies and finally one day I completed engineering with 60 percent aggregate. Believe me by the time I was out I did not know what I learnt in engineering. My technical knowledge was zero”. Everyone in the class were laughing and I was enjoying.

I continued,” After engineering I joined as an assistant professor as it was easy job to get but wasn’t an easy job to do because you have to prepare for the class every day and deliver it on the dais in front of 60 students daily, if you can’t deliver properly or if you are not able to clear the doubts of the students you will be embarrassed apart of that you need to have control on the students or else no student will listen to you. To tell the class or to have control a teacher should have a good knowledge in the subject .So I worked very hard to teach the subject which I was supposed to learn in engineering.

           Since then not a single day passed with thoughts like life wouldn’t be such a mess if I would have learned  subject in engineering, I should have balanced both education and entertainment in engineering, Life would be far more better if I worked this hard when I was doing engineering…. etc. If there was a time machine I would go back to the golden period when I was doing engineering and utilize the time properly but time never comes back”, I loved the class now as they were focusing on what I was telling.

“ I can’t go back to my golden period but you people are in the golden period , you people have the chance do everything which I couldn’t ,you can design your future now , remember if you let go this golden period by just having fun and learning nothing you will be struggling in the future. Always balance entertainment and education “. The bell rang

“ Thank you “, I said and left the classroom with satisfaction.


6 thoughts on “Golden Period.”

  1. My intention was not to neglect engineering completely. Everything should be done in what Ever time
    we have or else we will regret for what we have not done.
    Anyways thank you very much for responding. Can I know your PhD topic?


  2. I’m an engineering too and a PhD student at the moment, working as teaching assistant too. I worked hard during my golden period, and I didn’t take a break between my bachelor and my master and not even between my master and my phd. Believe it or not I regret it too. Life is not about engineering, there’s much more in this world. As you said balance is the key, but your gut knows what it’s better for you in the moment to be happy. My final suggestions is do what make you happy now, and if you think that going to engineering classes is boring than probably we should spend your time in a better way.

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