My opinion about AWE!

                        Hello everybody , its been a long time since I have written and today all of a sudden i felt like writing about a movie. What is a good movie? I know that there are so many answers for the question but what i think  is ” a good movie  is the one which does not end at the theater ,it just comes with us, stays with us for few hours or days and the reason might be a character in the film or the plot of the film”. I wont say that a movie can create the same impact on everyone as each individual has his/her opinion and views.

                       I am a movie buff, i watch films in all languages( telugu , tamil,malayalam, hindi and english).Anniyan, a tamil movie  was a terrific film , hero VIKRAM’S acting and the movie plot had made a deep impact on me that i feared to drive my bike without licence( for two days). That was the beauty of the film. The director SHANKAR had succeeded in giving a message in the movie which reached me.

Some of the other films which blew of my mind were SIXTH SENSE(terrific plot,awsome acting by BRUCE WILLIS and wonderful direction by M.NIGHT SHYAMALAN ), THE OTHERS(Terrific plot) and FIGHT CLUB(another master piece directed by DAVID FINCHER and BRAD PITT’S one of the career best performance) .Keeping the performances aside the plot was the king of these movies. I mean these films were just OK till the climax and just one twist elevated the whole movie. After the twist I just went on rewinding the movie in my mind  answering the unknown questions by myself . No one needs to explain you anything further, you  figure it out by yourself and that’s the beauty.SHUTTER ISLAND too was a film with terrific plot but unfortunately i did not see it as a stupid friend of mine revealed the twist.

     Later i have seen lot films of different genres , i for sure enjoyed the movies, some movies made me emotional, some movies were inspirational and some movies were adventurous. But no movies in the recent times created and impact as the movies which i mentioned above. I had seen top rated thrillers like Zodiac,seven,The Prestige ,prisoners etc. They were really good but some how i could guess the plot or they could create an impact on me only for few minutes(15 mins max) . awe-20180103180459-16785

But i am proud to tell you that the 2018 released  Indian film that too a Telugu film AWE! directed by PRASANTH VARMA(DEBUT) had created the magic once again after five long years. As i started to watch the film i expected the film to be exceptionally well as the reviews about the film were very good. But as time flew i felt that the movie was  absolute rubbish ,i tried to guess the twist but too many characters and crazy stories which were unreal, were running at a time and so i could not connect the dots. Not even single story made sense , the movie was going on and was turning out to be  hopeless. Till the last minute i had no clue of what was happening and what might happen but once the plot was revealed neither a single story nor a character seemed rubbish,everything had fallen in place and within two minutes a film which seemed hopeless turned into a master piece. I just had no words for the way the movie turned out in the end and after a long time i could feel the magic which i missed.

     As i told a film cant impress everyone , there might me better movies than Awe! which i might have missed but this movie had definitely created an impact on me and i assure you that you wont be disappointed if you watch it . One thing i tell you is that it ain’t a regular commercial film. Hope you enjoy it.

12 thoughts on “My opinion about AWE!”

  1. I think I have seen anniyan, though I don’t like Vikram much. But you have made this AWE movie sound so fab. I think you have a talent for movie reviews. Wow superb post Vijay. I loved it


      1. An opinion by a viewer is a review, Vijay. So that was a great review. I don’t want to know what the movie is all about, I want to know what you felt. So it’s a great post. Say thank you and accept the compliment


  2. Will some review again when I feel that magic again with your inspiration. Will sleep tonight with a thought of small achievement. K I think u might be busy reviewing books keep reviewing keep inspiring 😃


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