Good,Bad and Pain

    What do you expect to happen in life, good or bad? You people might be thinking what a stupid question i am asking , of course everyone wants’ their life to be good no one is interested in bad . I have  a doubt which i am gone ask you. K here goes the question, Do you really know what is good and what is bad which you expect in your life? To make my intentions clear i have questions for you?

  • If a traffic police does his duty by imposing fines for those breaking the rules ,is it good or bad? If it is good what if you are caught and fined,do you think the traffic police is doing his duty or would you think he is over sincere and useful for no one?
  • If the girl you love accepts your proposal , is it good or bad? if it is good have you ever heard about breakup ?
  • If a teacher who is strict and punishes doesn’t come to your class , is it good or bad? If it is good tell me about the students who have never blamed the educational system for their unsuccessful careers?

  I believe that mostly good is a mask of bad and bad might be a mask of good until you understand yourself, respect yourself, have a great vision about your own life and last but not the least, you should have the will to bear the pain life gives you to understand its beauty. I mean if you want to know how beautiful love is you have to withstand the pain of being with your girlfriend/boyfriend for a long time as human beings are the package of both good and bad if you tolerate their bad you will see their good which so divine and beautiful. If you can take the pain given by a perfect teacher you can see yourself inspiring people. If you can take the pain given by the traffic police and still respect his sincerity remember your the change this society needs. All I want to say is never fear pain as the one who overcomes pain will know the beauty of life by understanding what is really bad and what is really good.

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