Savitri , a Star in tollywood as well as Kollywood who had an image equal to the male super stars like NTR ,ANR,Gemini Gneshan,Shivaji Ganeshan and MGR. She was a playback singer ,dancer ,director as well as producer. She was even well known in Kannada ,Malayalam and Hindi films. She was given the rare title Nadigeyar Thilakam in Tamil and Mahanati in Andhra which ment Great Actress for her fine performances.People in Andhra used to call her Amma especially for charities she has done. She also had a great enthrallment towards sports and games like cricket and chess. She married Gemini Ganeshan in 1956 with whom she had two kids.Unfortunately marriage with Gemini Ganeshan was not a good occurrence in Savithri’s life .She lost trust in people and adopted dangerous habits like alcohol. Savithri was hospitalized many times. She suffered a lot during her stay at the hospitals. On the course of her travel to Mysore for a shooting she broke down, went into coma, and was hurried back to Chennai where her children admitted her in a hospital.There she lost her speech and left this world on 26th, December 1981 at Madras. She left her screen life as an eternal model.

సావిత�రి కొమ�మారెడ�డి -Yesteryear's leading actress savithri.jpg

Why all of a sudden am i talking about the star who died before i was born? The reason is, recently i have see the film MAHANATI which is the Bio-pic of Savitri garu.

Director : Nag Aswin

Cast: Keerthy Suresh, Samanth, Mohan Babu,Vijay Devarkonda etc

The film was an excellent tribute to the lady superstar, kudoos to the Director who had done a good research on Savitri Garu, He has done magic as I felt that i could feel late savitri garu on the screen .He took us back to 1930’s at the times where tamil nadu and Andhra were as single state and the Film industry.

Coming to the actress keerthy suresh, well it was a terrific performance. Her acting was so powerful that she bought tears to the older generation, she had terrific resemblance of savithri Garu. Overall it was the best bio-pic I have seen.

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