Golden Skies Review

Hello everbody I am doing a blog tour for Juan Zapata’s book GOLDEN SKIES which is a science fiction. I thank the author and Shalini of Digital Reads Blog Tour for giving this oppertunity

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Author Bio:

Juan Zapata is a senior at Alabama A&M, expected to graduate December 2018. He majors in Criminal Justice and is a member of the AAMU Honors Program. Born in Mexico, Juan came to the United States at four years old. When he is not writing, Juan likes to play For Honor and pretend he’s a knight, laughing with happiness at his victories and nearly having aneurisms when defeated

Book Blurb:

As a boy, Malik watched an army of religious zealots swarm his home town, slaughtering his people and running his beloved grandfather through with a black sword. Nine years later, Malik still believes there’s peace…somewhere. At least that’s what he tells himself as his body is ripped apart by whips at a conversion camp. That’s what his best friend whispers as he frantically creates new force technology and jetpacks to rescue Malik. Yet when war bursts through the skies and the sky troopers, assassins, and heroes fall, when the world comes crashing down, Malik Zzoha stands amidst the sands to lead a band of friends and revolutionaries to face his tyrannical, zealot father, determined to free the people he loves

My Review

The planet of Certamen has two continents one the South and other is the North East .Safad, conquers the south and creates himself as God and implements his evil rules. Mujadin who is very strongly influenced by Safad believes he is the God and strictly follows his religion and evil rules. Genrid, father of Mujadin is a believer of Leiol and was the Governer of at Atemhop. Mujadin kills his own father in front of Malik(son of Mujadin) and becomes the Governer of Atemhop. Maujadin turns so evil in implementing Safad’s rules that he even abuses his wife Viola and torchers his daughter Eliza, elder sister of Malik. Malik grows up hating his father. Kafed is the best friend of Malik who supports him all the time.

Mujandin wanted Malik to become a holy priest of Safad which Malik doesn’t accept. Not only this, in spite of several warnings from Mujadin Malik breaks the laws created by Safad. Kafed was expert in creating modern gadgets , he creates wings of heaven, a jet pack so he, Eliza and Malik can fly to the North-East which is a safe and peaceful place. But before they could escape Malik would be captured and sent to Sempoi where he was tortured to believe Safad and turn into his holy priest.

Malik some how survives and makes his second attempt to escape to the North-East with Kafed and Eliza .They will be attacked again but will be saved by the Reutzkan’s sky troopers(from the North East) Henry ,Duvesk ,Onyx, Marlow and Faye. Later Malik comes to know that he is the hope of Atemhop and according to the prophecy of Leiol he was the echoer of truth who would bring peace to Atemhop. The rest of the story is about how Malik will fight against his powerful father to free Atemhop from the evil rules of Safad.

I liked the way author had described the new plant and created it’s own time lines. It made the book more interesting initially but later the author has focused in showing how cruel Mujadin was and how Malik suffered because of his father where I felt that there was a bit of overdose of torture . But as the story progresses one can understand that Malik’s too much suffering turns him from an ordinary man to an extra ordinary man.

I loved each character in this book and their relations were beautifully portrayed. There was good brother and sister relationship between Eliza and Malik. Full marks for Kafed for being a good friend to Malik .

All praises to the author as he created engaging situation which made the last 100 pages of the book very interesting. I mean nothing expected happens in the war and one has to plan things instantly and that was well shown in the book. I admired the character of Kafed not just as a friend of Malik but as inventor of powerful weapons which made Malik powerful. Henry was a good support to Malik and so was Marlow but the other three sky troopers had different roles to play which you should know by yourself. Last but not the least the book had good twists which makes it very interesting. This book ends with Malik defeating his father and becoming the king but the author leaves us waiting for the sequel which should deal Kafed’s kidnap(By who?? You should read the book to know..!) .Kafed will be taken to a place where Malik has to fight Safad and his army to bring him back.

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Twitter: @Zapatathe1

Instagram: @Zapatathe1


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