Review of the movie C/O Kancharapalem

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I watch lot of movies and so you can call me a movie buff. I watch some films for entertainment, some films for motivation and some films for messages. I don’t write reviews or opinions for all of them but I do write about my opinion for films which I feel magical and C/O kancharapalem is one such movie after AWE(which I already reviewed in WP).

I was not at all interested to watch this movie after watching the trailer , there was not even one known face in the movie and frankly speaking it was too natural, but everyone who had seen the movie were showering praises on the actors and the director . So to know what was in the film I started watching the movie with very less interest and so I did not like it in the beginning and the same feel carried till the interval, it was just like a normal movie. I was almost done with the movie as the movie approached climax and frankly speaking I was very much disappointed as there was no message and no motivation in the movie, it seemed pretty ordinary to me but in the last two minutes ,Damn….. my opinion about the movie just turned upside down. Generally we feel this magic in thriller movies especially  when the mystery or logic is revealed and then whole story makes some sense. But this movie gives you a powerful message just a moment before the movie was about to end. I Probably felt that for me this was the first movie which revealed its genre in the last moment .While walking out of the theater I was thinking about the movie , the deeper I was thinking the deeper was the message. I just don’t want to talk anything about the movie or the characters as I may give you away a hint which might not let you feel what I felt about the movie. I want all of you to feel the same magic which I was feeling while I left the theater. Please watch the movie

All Praises for the director for exceptionally dealing a sensible story and I Thank Suresh production for backing such a wonderful movie.


       Hello everybody i am doing a blog tour for Steve Moretti’s book SONG FOR A LOST KINGDOM  organised by Shalini of Digital Reads Blog Tours

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Author Bio

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I have always been drawn to passion and creativity in all its forms. I am equally fascinated by the mechanics of the universe and the characters of history. I have a special affection for the power of music which I believe is the universal language of human emotion.

My writing journey started in journalism, public relations and advertising then continued into software development (yes that involves writing)! Recently I finished a screenplay and my first novel, and am now embarking on this a full-time career.

I grew up in London, Ontario and also lived in Pompano Beach, Florida as a teenager. I moved to Ottawa and attended Carleton University many years ago and now live just south of the city with my wife, daughter and four dogs with attitude.

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Music is not bound by time…

Adeena Stuart is a struggling cellist ready to give up on her dream of landing a spot with the National Arts Centre Orchestra. All that changes when she receives a musical score, lost for almost 300 years in a Scottish castle, sent by her dying grandmother.

When the score is played on the oldest surviving cello ever made in the UK, the music connects Adeena directly to the past as Katharine Carnegie, struggling to find words to complete her symphonic tour-de-force in the midst of 18th Century political rebellion that is tearing apart Scotland and England.

But Adeena is not a scientist or historian. What she wants more than anything is to create and compose. As she is buffeted back and forth between the past and present, she grows to want more of the past, even though the promise of her most yearned-for professional dream is coming true.

With a clear voice that sets us in modern day Ottawa and old world Scotland, Song for a Lost Kingdom, Book I, begins a journey of discovery between two women who share the same musical soul and love for the same doomed man.


Scotland, 1746

KATHARINE’S ONLY CONCERN was for the new life taking hold in her womb. Only yesterday she had felt its first wondrous kick and now it stirred again, as his dirty fingers penetrated her roughly.

“Ahh,” the drunken Redcoat grunted. “Ye want it, don’t ya bitch?”

Katharine struggled to break free of his choking hold around her neck. But he only gripped tighter and pushed his thick fingers into her deeper. She felt another tiny kick in her belly as if in response to the gross violation.

“Stop!” she cried. “You’re hurting the baby!”

The soldier laughed and withdrew his fingers. “Yer traitor’s bastard?”

He kept one hand around her throat as he raised the other, showing her the filthy fingers that he had used so horribly inside of her. He brought them to her lips and her stomach wrenched.

“My brother’s coming.” She gathered all her strength into a warning glare.

He ignored the threat and shoved two foul fingers into her mouth, feeling around her tongue. “The Captain knows what you’ve done. And with who.” He paused a moment before retracting his fingers to her bottom lip, peeling it down as if he were examining an animal.

“Yer a strong wench. But I’ll no marry you, like he asked me to.” He let go of her and stood up.  “I like your music, and I just want to ride you. My mate wants a turn too.” He started to unbutton his tunic and she knew she had to do something. Her mind was racing.

Her tone softened. “Can I undress first?”

He grinned, exposing his jagged brown teeth. “Yeah. Like ta see what I’m getting.” He sat down on the bed and began to remove his boots.

Katharine looked around to see where she had left her violoncello. She had brought it upstairs after tonight’s performance in the main hall of the Inn. Now it sat in the corner of the room and the bow lay on the table beside it, near a candle that provided the only light. She began to undress, a plan forming in her mind.

“Come over here wench,” the Redcoat called to her. He lay flat on the bed, his engorged organ standing at attention. “Get on me.”

She blew out the candle, gathered herself and walked slowly towards the man who waved his organ like a sword, grunting for her. The room was dark with only a faint moon outlining her shape. She came to the bedside, sickening herself with a faltering smile, displaying her bare breasts and crotch to him. As he reached to pull her on top of him, she took the bow from behind her back and in one swift movement, drove the end of it into his right eye.

He screamed in agony as she jumped away.

Katharine grabbed her dress off the floor, bolted out the door, down the stairs and out of Culloden House into the cold Scottish night.


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In Servitude Review

      Hello everybody I am doing a Blog tour for Heleen Kist’s book “IN SERVITUDE” which is a thriller.I thank the author and Shalini of Digital Reads Blog Tour for giving me this opportunity.


About the author


Heleen Kist is a Dutch quintilingual Stanford-educated globetrotting career woman who fell in love with a Scotsman and his country, and now writes about its (sometimes scary) people from her garden office in Glasgow. Trained at work to spot and prevent financial crime, she put this knowledge to good use for her debut novel, In Servitude

My Review

Glory and grace are two sisters who are very close to each other. Grace is married to Stephen and has two wonderful kids Adam and Noah. Glory owes a café and Grace is a fitness trainer , she has a boyfriend Dave .Grace and Dave were about to live in to gather and then a tragic incident happens, Glory dies in an accident which changes life of Grace instantly .Her mom was a dementia patient and her father had to completely take care of her mother and so they can no way support Glory’s family. So all of a sudden Grace had to take care of Glory’s kids and the café till Stephen digested the death of Glory.

  As days pass Grace suspects that Glory was murdered  as she finds out that Glory had contacts with the underworld and was dealing something illegal and realizes that even she  and Glory’s family is in danger. The rest of the story is about how Grace saves herself and Glory’s family overcoming all the hurdles.

    When a person cares for the family, society and ethics then for sure the person should face lot of problems and Grace is one good example  of the above mention qualities and so her life is roller coaster. Her character was a tough one and the author took good care in showing her like that. She had to face lot of irritating things at a time and still had to be patient and I loved her character for being so. I can’t imagine myself being so cool if I were in her shoes. Dave was a good support to her but he had his own problems. I hated Grace’s father for being so selfish and her mother’s situation turned me more emotional. Glory was a typical person and so grace had so many puzzles to find what was happening in her life before her death which made the book very interesting. The only thing  which pulled me back was that author did not focus much on showing the underworld more powerful and cruel.Except for that book was a page turner , exciting and had good twist which doesn’t bore you.

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Website:  Twitter: @hkist
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Publisher: Pollok Glen Publishing

Publication date: Pre-purchase from 17th August, release on 31st August

Product listing:
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Price: £1.99 / $2.99 eBook; £8.99 / $10.99 Paperback

Pages (paperback): 340

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Golden Skies Review

Hello everbody I am doing a blog tour for Juan Zapata’s book GOLDEN SKIES which is a science fiction. I thank the author and Shalini of Digital Reads Blog Tour for giving this oppertunity

Final Cover

Author Bio:

Juan Zapata is a senior at Alabama A&M, expected to graduate December 2018. He majors in Criminal Justice and is a member of the AAMU Honors Program. Born in Mexico, Juan came to the United States at four years old. When he is not writing, Juan likes to play For Honor and pretend he’s a knight, laughing with happiness at his victories and nearly having aneurisms when defeated

Book Blurb:

As a boy, Malik watched an army of religious zealots swarm his home town, slaughtering his people and running his beloved grandfather through with a black sword. Nine years later, Malik still believes there’s peace…somewhere. At least that’s what he tells himself as his body is ripped apart by whips at a conversion camp. That’s what his best friend whispers as he frantically creates new force technology and jetpacks to rescue Malik. Yet when war bursts through the skies and the sky troopers, assassins, and heroes fall, when the world comes crashing down, Malik Zzoha stands amidst the sands to lead a band of friends and revolutionaries to face his tyrannical, zealot father, determined to free the people he loves

My Review

The planet of Certamen has two continents one the South and other is the North East .Safad, conquers the south and creates himself as God and implements his evil rules. Mujadin who is very strongly influenced by Safad believes he is the God and strictly follows his religion and evil rules. Genrid, father of Mujadin is a believer of Leiol and was the Governer of at Atemhop. Mujadin kills his own father in front of Malik(son of Mujadin) and becomes the Governer of Atemhop. Maujadin turns so evil in implementing Safad’s rules that he even abuses his wife Viola and torchers his daughter Eliza, elder sister of Malik. Malik grows up hating his father. Kafed is the best friend of Malik who supports him all the time.

Mujandin wanted Malik to become a holy priest of Safad which Malik doesn’t accept. Not only this, in spite of several warnings from Mujadin Malik breaks the laws created by Safad. Kafed was expert in creating modern gadgets , he creates wings of heaven, a jet pack so he, Eliza and Malik can fly to the North-East which is a safe and peaceful place. But before they could escape Malik would be captured and sent to Sempoi where he was tortured to believe Safad and turn into his holy priest.

Malik some how survives and makes his second attempt to escape to the North-East with Kafed and Eliza .They will be attacked again but will be saved by the Reutzkan’s sky troopers(from the North East) Henry ,Duvesk ,Onyx, Marlow and Faye. Later Malik comes to know that he is the hope of Atemhop and according to the prophecy of Leiol he was the echoer of truth who would bring peace to Atemhop. The rest of the story is about how Malik will fight against his powerful father to free Atemhop from the evil rules of Safad.

I liked the way author had described the new plant and created it’s own time lines. It made the book more interesting initially but later the author has focused in showing how cruel Mujadin was and how Malik suffered because of his father where I felt that there was a bit of overdose of torture . But as the story progresses one can understand that Malik’s too much suffering turns him from an ordinary man to an extra ordinary man.

I loved each character in this book and their relations were beautifully portrayed. There was good brother and sister relationship between Eliza and Malik. Full marks for Kafed for being a good friend to Malik .

All praises to the author as he created engaging situation which made the last 100 pages of the book very interesting. I mean nothing expected happens in the war and one has to plan things instantly and that was well shown in the book. I admired the character of Kafed not just as a friend of Malik but as inventor of powerful weapons which made Malik powerful. Henry was a good support to Malik and so was Marlow but the other three sky troopers had different roles to play which you should know by yourself. Last but not the least the book had good twists which makes it very interesting. This book ends with Malik defeating his father and becoming the king but the author leaves us waiting for the sequel which should deal Kafed’s kidnap(By who?? You should read the book to know..!) .Kafed will be taken to a place where Malik has to fight Safad and his army to bring him back.

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Twitter: @Zapatathe1

Instagram: @Zapatathe1


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Do you owe your family your life?
When her beloved sister Glory dies in a car crash, Grace McBride’s carefully considered life spirals out of control. She discovers Glory had been sucked into illegal activities at odds with her seemingly charmed existence. What’s worse: Grace finds herself an unwitting accomplice and forced to take over the shady dealings.

Determined to keep her fingers clean and redeem her sister’s reputation, Grace plots to extricate herself—and those Glory held dear—from the clutches of Glasgow’s criminal underworld. But her moral certitude is challenged when familial pressure mounts and Glory’s past intentions remain unclear. Grace grows convinced Glory’s death was no accident, even if no-one will listen.

Seeking justice, she finds betrayal.

Author bio:


Heleen Kist is a Dutch quintilingual Stanford-educated globetrotting career woman who fell in love with a Scotsman and his country, and now writes about its (sometimes scary) people from her garden office in Glasgow. Trained at work to spot and prevent financial crime, she put this knowledge to good use for her debut novel, In Servitude.

Title: In Servitude

Author: Heleen Kist
Website:  Twitter: @hkist
(For blogger or media use only:

Publisher: Pollok Glen Publishing

Publication date: Pre-purchase from 17th August, release on 31st August

Product listing:
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Price: £1.99 / $2.99 eBook; £8.99 / $10.99 Paperback

Pages (paperback): 340

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Review of Tied To Deceit

Hello Everybody I am doing a blog tour for Neena.H.Brar’s book TIED TO DECEIT which is a thriller .I thank Shalini for giving me this opportunity.


Authore Neena



Neena H. Brar lives in Edmonton, Canada with her husband, two children, a highly energetic German Shepherd, and a lifetime collection of her favorite books.

A hermit at heart, she’s a permissive mother, a reluctant housekeeper, a superb cook, and a hard-core reader.

Tied to Deceit is her debut novel.



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My review

Gayathri Bardwaj was married to Rajindra baradway younger son of the rich Bardwaj family. Rajindra Bardwaj was a doctor by occupation and had a hospital named Lifeline .After 4 years of their marriage Gayathri understood that her husband was no more loyal to her but she knew that the women with whom he had affairs were just mere relief of his boredom. After 10 years of hope for a child she understood that she was not destined for motherhood. She did not break her marriage in spite of these reasons as she loved the power of her husband’s money and the status it had given her. Rajindra Bardwaj considered Rudra bardwaj, son of Rajindar’s elder brother as the heir of his property which was not acceptable by Gayathri.

One day someone sends Gayathri a message that her husband is going to meet someone in his personal villa. Initially Gayathri tries to ignore it but she latter goes to the villa and finds her husband Rajindra baradwaj’s close relationship with Devika singh a women who was half his age and an employee in his hospital, she gets devastated. 9 days after this incident Devika Singh gets murdered in her apartment. The rest of the story is about how Mr Viswanath sharma the investigating officer with his subordinates Arjun Rawat and Jigesh Diwaker solves the case and finds the murderer.

The best thing which I found out about this book was the detailed description which took me back to 1974 and helped me feel the beauty of Sanover in Himachal Pradesh. Every place and house were so well described in the book. But too much description had slowed down the pace of the book which brought down my excitement to know what might have happened next. As investigation goes on number of characters in the book goes on increasing and I had turn some pages back to find who was who as I forgot the names of some characters. Coming to the characters I loved the character of Devika ,if her character wasn’t complicated the investigation would not be interesting . I loved Viswanath sharma’s analysis on every person and situation. Author Neena has done and good job by leaving no loose ends and has given every character its importance except for one or two. Though the number of characters were more the author has done a splendid job by connecting all of them by the time the murderer was revealed making the final twist interesting.



On a drizzly August morning, the inhabitants of the hill town of Sanover, Himachal Pradesh, wake up to the shocking news of the murder of the exquisite, secretive, malicious, and thoroughly immoral Devika Singh.

As Superintendent of Police Vishwanath Sharma begins to sift through the hidden secrets of Devika Singh’s life, it becomes evident that everyone who knew her seems to have a clear-cut motive for killing her.

Faced with the investigation of a crime that appears to have as many suspects as there are motives, Vishwanath Sharma probes the sinister web spun around a tangle of lies and deception.

Praise for Tied to Deceit:

“A remarkable whodunit that’s as sharp as it is concise.

Brar enhances her taut murder mystery with an engaging setting that effectively incorporates the local culture. The smart, believable denouement will have readers looking forward to Brar’s next endeavor.”

-Kirkus Reviews

“A literary mystery saga that includes far more depth and psychological and cultural insights than your typical murder mystery’s scenario.”

-D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review



Dr. Rajinder Bhardwaj, the owner and the head physician at Lifeline Hospital, Sanover, had showered after his brisk morning walk and joined his wife for an early morning tea. Gayatri Bhardwaj sat with her second cup of ginger tea on her favourite old, worn, woven chair on the verandah which overlooked their front garden: a tapestry of blooming carnations, marigolds, roses, and chrysanthemums. She longed for a clear, bright day and the dazzling blue sky of summer.

It was her favourite spot to sit in the mornings; a place from where she could witness the brilliant dawn streaking half of the sky coral; raindrops soaking everything wet during the monsoon; specks of silvery snow falling from the sky during winter. She could take in everything from the serene mountain peaks and the forest to their house—its roof, windowpanes, and the pebbled driveway that snaked its way criss-cross toward the outside big iron gate. She would sit there until Dr. Bhardwaj joined her after his daily ritual of a brisk morning walk.

They had done this for years despite the changing seasons and the changing equation of their marital relationship. They had spent endless mornings of their initial married years there, when their hearts were still giddy with the feeling of young love, and they would talk about everything and nothing. She’d been a bride at barely twenty, young and naive. He’d been ten years her senior, already on the way to establishing himself as a successful physician, the younger son of a landlord aristocratic family with old wealth. He had swept her off her feet then, and was all charm and charisma but then the magic slowly diminished and finally died due to his secret betrayals over time. Thousands of little resentments had replaced the early warmth. But their hearts, although heavy with bitterness and anger at the failed expectations, had gotten used to the solace of each other’s company that often comes with years of living together, and they never stopped performing this morning ritual of their married life.

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Review of Arcacia (Author T.A.Barua)

Hello everybody I am doing a blog tour for T.A.Barua’s Book Arcacia which is a children Fantasy . I Thank Shalini for giving me this opportunity.


My Review

I feel that a book with any genre, except fantasy will be the best when it has a fine plot and emotion .But fantasy is a genre were the writer needs to develop an magical world consisting of wonderful creatures and complex characters which should excite the readers apart of having a good plot and emotion. A Fantasy writer should write the book in such a way that the readers should be able to feel and see the writers imagination.

          The author T.A.Barua has done a pretty decent job in making Arcacia an interesting book as it has an interesting plot with quite impressive magical world and creatures likes witches ,dragons ,beasts etc.

         Setanor, the most powerful warlock could not handle being rejected by Selina,beautiful sorceress-queen who had not only shattered his dreams of inheriting her vast empire but married Harris,the warrior commander  with whom she was in love.   West Arcacia  was ruled by Selina and Harris .They had three children when they were attacked by Setanor who had the support of two powerful witches named Lilith and Eleanor.

13 years later Sophie ,one of the child of Selina gets a letter from her mother telling her that she is not an orphan and Arcacia and her family are in need of her.The story is all about how Sophie meets her family and saves them from the dangerous warlocks and witches of Arcacia with the help of her friends.

My rating : 3 stars

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Book blurb

When a beautiful sorceress-queen, Selina, spurns Setanor, a powerful, jealous northern warlock, an invasion of Western Arcacia begins. To save her newborn triplets from death, they are cast down a magical river to the New World, a place called, ‘London, England.’

Thirteen years later in a cold, Victorian London attic… The future of Sophie, an impoverished orphan looks bleak but everything changes, to her astonishment after a young witch arrives through her bedroom window with an incredible message and a warning. So begins her life in a beautiful, enchanted ancient world…

How do Sophie and her four friends summon the tremendous courage to rescue her long lost family while restoring Arcacia from dark, ruling forces? Mystical beasts, sceptres, powerful witches and daemon-trolls are just some of their challenges. Meanwhile, the dreaded terrifying warlock, Setanor and his witch-consort Lilith have sent a secret enemy to plan their downfall…

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