Blog Tour(Interview of Robbie Yates,Author of Daniel Daniels and the World’s Worst Zoo)

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I got the opportunity to interview the author Robbie YatesHipster breakfast egg characters with mustache, beard, black bowler hat and glasses. Creative design holiday poster eggs cups. drawn gentleman faces vintage style. gray background.

(A quick note to Vijay)

Thanks for your awesome questions! I am so so excited and grateful that I’ll be appearing on your blog!

I hope you enjoy my responses.



1) Being an adult how could you step into the shoes of a child and imagine so much??

A very brilliant question!

My day-job helps me out.

I work with lots of children

And what that brings about

Is lots of childish moments

And lots of childish fun,

And so my inspiration

It comes from things I’ve done.


2) Do you write only children books?


I’m only writing stories

For children, that is true

But on my blog there’s poems and vids

I make for grown-ups, too.


3) Did you experience any bullying in school?


My childhood was okay but

I often felt alone.

So though I wasn’t bullied,

I spent time on my own.

I think that all the children

Who’ve ever been to school

Have met some kind of bully,

And that just isn’t cool.


4) Which animal character are you more connected with in the book?


I really like the monkeys,

The way they can be sneaky,

Plus, they are just like me:

Like them, I’m often cheeky!


5) Currently which book are you working on?


I’m working on two stories

And they’re not far away.

One’s about a teacher

Who’s odd in several ways.

One Very Odd Teacher

Was total fun to write,

The next—“The Kooky Kids’ Club,”

Is also nice and bright!

Book Blurb:

Daniel Daniels spends most of his time doing one of two things:

  1. Avoiding the school bully, or
  2. Hanging out with his animal friends.

Unfortunately, Daniel’s animal friends all live at The World’s Worst Zoo, run by the cruel and crabby Mr Gregory.

One day, an unfortunate incident with some ointment at the zoo leaves Daniel with a few special tricks up his sleeve‌—‌tricks that he can use to save the animals, and teach Mr Gregory a lesson.

Curious, witty and sweet, this adventurous chapter book will charm and thrill the young and the young-at-heart!


Author Bio

Robbie Yates is an author based in the vibrant city of Melbourne, Australia. He enjoys the crunch of autumn leaves, and eating tasty snacks from his childhood.

In his free time, Robbie likes to read the stories of Roald Dahl, Paul Jennings and J.K. Rowling. Robbie also likes to go geocaching, play board games, and have water-balloon fights.


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Savitri , a Star in tollywood as well as Kollywood who had an image equal to the male super stars like NTR ,ANR,Gemini Gneshan,Shivaji Ganeshan and MGR. She was a playback singer ,dancer ,director as well as producer. She was even well known in Kannada ,Malayalam and Hindi films. She was given the rare title Nadigeyar Thilakam in Tamil and Mahanati in Andhra which ment Great Actress for her fine performances.People in Andhra used to call her Amma especially for charities she has done. She also had a great enthrallment towards sports and games like cricket and chess. She married Gemini Ganeshan in 1956 with whom she had two kids.Unfortunately marriage with Gemini Ganeshan was not a good occurrence in Savithri’s life .She lost trust in people and adopted dangerous habits like alcohol. Savithri was hospitalized many times. She suffered a lot during her stay at the hospitals. On the course of her travel to Mysore for a shooting she broke down, went into coma, and was hurried back to Chennai where her children admitted her in a hospital.There she lost her speech and left this world on 26th, December 1981 at Madras. She left her screen life as an eternal model.

సావిత�రి కొమ�మారెడ�డి -Yesteryear's leading actress savithri.jpg

Why all of a sudden am i talking about the star who died before i was born? The reason is, recently i have see the film MAHANATI which is the Bio-pic of Savitri garu.

Director : Nag Aswin

Cast: Keerthy Suresh, Samanth, Mohan Babu,Vijay Devarkonda etc

The film was an excellent tribute to the lady superstar, kudoos to the Director who had done a good research on Savitri Garu, He has done magic as I felt that i could feel late savitri garu on the screen .He took us back to 1930’s at the times where tamil nadu and Andhra were as single state and the Film industry.

Coming to the actress keerthy suresh, well it was a terrific performance. Her acting was so powerful that she bought tears to the older generation, she had terrific resemblance of savithri Garu. Overall it was the best bio-pic I have seen.

Good,Bad and Pain

    What do you expect to happen in life, good or bad? You people might be thinking what a stupid question i am asking , of course everyone wants’ their life to be good no one is interested in bad . I have  a doubt which i am gone ask you. K here goes the question, Do you really know what is good and what is bad which you expect in your life? To make my intentions clear i have questions for you?

  • If a traffic police does his duty by imposing fines for those breaking the rules ,is it good or bad? If it is good what if you are caught and fined,do you think the traffic police is doing his duty or would you think he is over sincere and useful for no one?
  • If the girl you love accepts your proposal , is it good or bad? if it is good have you ever heard about breakup ?
  • If a teacher who is strict and punishes doesn’t come to your class , is it good or bad? If it is good tell me about the students who have never blamed the educational system for their unsuccessful careers?

  I believe that mostly good is a mask of bad and bad might be a mask of good until you understand yourself, respect yourself, have a great vision about your own life and last but not the least, you should have the will to bear the pain life gives you to understand its beauty. I mean if you want to know how beautiful love is you have to withstand the pain of being with your girlfriend/boyfriend for a long time as human beings are the package of both good and bad if you tolerate their bad you will see their good which so divine and beautiful. If you can take the pain given by a perfect teacher you can see yourself inspiring people. If you can take the pain given by the traffic police and still respect his sincerity remember your the change this society needs. All I want to say is never fear pain as the one who overcomes pain will know the beauty of life by understanding what is really bad and what is really good.

My opinion about AWE!

                        Hello everybody , its been a long time since I have written and today all of a sudden i felt like writing about a movie. What is a good movie? I know that there are so many answers for the question but what i think  is ” a good movie  is the one which does not end at the theater ,it just comes with us, stays with us for few hours or days and the reason might be a character in the film or the plot of the film”. I wont say that a movie can create the same impact on everyone as each individual has his/her opinion and views.

                       I am a movie buff, i watch films in all languages( telugu , tamil,malayalam, hindi and english).Anniyan, a tamil movie  was a terrific film , hero VIKRAM’S acting and the movie plot had made a deep impact on me that i feared to drive my bike without licence( for two days). That was the beauty of the film. The director SHANKAR had succeeded in giving a message in the movie which reached me.

Some of the other films which blew of my mind were SIXTH SENSE(terrific plot,awsome acting by BRUCE WILLIS and wonderful direction by M.NIGHT SHYAMALAN ), THE OTHERS(Terrific plot) and FIGHT CLUB(another master piece directed by DAVID FINCHER and BRAD PITT’S one of the career best performance) .Keeping the performances aside the plot was the king of these movies. I mean these films were just OK till the climax and just one twist elevated the whole movie. After the twist I just went on rewinding the movie in my mind  answering the unknown questions by myself . No one needs to explain you anything further, you  figure it out by yourself and that’s the beauty.SHUTTER ISLAND too was a film with terrific plot but unfortunately i did not see it as a stupid friend of mine revealed the twist.

     Later i have seen lot films of different genres , i for sure enjoyed the movies, some movies made me emotional, some movies were inspirational and some movies were adventurous. But no movies in the recent times created and impact as the movies which i mentioned above. I had seen top rated thrillers like Zodiac,seven,The Prestige ,prisoners etc. They were really good but some how i could guess the plot or they could create an impact on me only for few minutes(15 mins max) . awe-20180103180459-16785

But i am proud to tell you that the 2018 released  Indian film that too a Telugu film AWE! directed by PRASANTH VARMA(DEBUT) had created the magic once again after five long years. As i started to watch the film i expected the film to be exceptionally well as the reviews about the film were very good. But as time flew i felt that the movie was  absolute rubbish ,i tried to guess the twist but too many characters and crazy stories which were unreal, were running at a time and so i could not connect the dots. Not even single story made sense , the movie was going on and was turning out to be  hopeless. Till the last minute i had no clue of what was happening and what might happen but once the plot was revealed neither a single story nor a character seemed rubbish,everything had fallen in place and within two minutes a film which seemed hopeless turned into a master piece. I just had no words for the way the movie turned out in the end and after a long time i could feel the magic which i missed.

     As i told a film cant impress everyone , there might me better movies than Awe! which i might have missed but this movie had definitely created an impact on me and i assure you that you wont be disappointed if you watch it . One thing i tell you is that it ain’t a regular commercial film. Hope you enjoy it.

Golden Period.

       It was 9:30 A.M and I was running to the classroom, to tell a student to be punctual, a teacher should be punctual first which I am not but I try my level best to be. At 9:31 A.M I reached the class. It was 2nd year EEE(electrical) section ‘A’ and it was the first time I was teaching them but it wasn’t the first class. There was pin drop silence once I entered the classroom, it wasn’t respect it was fear as they have seen how aggressive I can be if there was disturbance in the class. I used to be very happy that the class was silent as the silence in the class showed my control over it .But as days passed I could not enjoy the class. Most of the students were sitting in the class as if they were sitting on a hot pan, they had blank expression on their face and were pretending as if they were listening to my class. A teacher would be more satisfied when the students are paying attention in the class which wasn’t happening in my class. I felt like I was telling a class to the walls and benches of the class room. It was 10:10, still there were 20 minutes but I stopped the class as I could not continue further. I thought I should interact a bit with the students.

“Is the class boring? “ I asked, no one responded. No one should if they respond, my ego would hurt.

“OK today I would like to interact with you guys”, when I said so most of the students got relieved that there was no more class.

”You know when I was doing engineering I was exactly like you”, now there was a small buzz in the class making me feel that I wasn’t talking to the wall or benches.

 “Come on guys I was also a student then. I liked to tease the teachers, I used to sleep in the class, I hated to listen to the class, I bunked the classes to go to the canteen, I bunked the classes to watch movies and finally one day I completed engineering with 60 percent aggregate. Believe me by the time I was out I did not know what I learnt in engineering. My technical knowledge was zero”. Everyone in the class were laughing and I was enjoying.

I continued,” After engineering I joined as an assistant professor as it was easy job to get but wasn’t an easy job to do because you have to prepare for the class every day and deliver it on the dais in front of 60 students daily, if you can’t deliver properly or if you are not able to clear the doubts of the students you will be embarrassed apart of that you need to have control on the students or else no student will listen to you. To tell the class or to have control a teacher should have a good knowledge in the subject .So I worked very hard to teach the subject which I was supposed to learn in engineering.

           Since then not a single day passed with thoughts like life wouldn’t be such a mess if I would have learned  subject in engineering, I should have balanced both education and entertainment in engineering, Life would be far more better if I worked this hard when I was doing engineering…. etc. If there was a time machine I would go back to the golden period when I was doing engineering and utilize the time properly but time never comes back”, I loved the class now as they were focusing on what I was telling.

“ I can’t go back to my golden period but you people are in the golden period , you people have the chance do everything which I couldn’t ,you can design your future now , remember if you let go this golden period by just having fun and learning nothing you will be struggling in the future. Always balance entertainment and education “. The bell rang

“ Thank you “, I said and left the classroom with satisfaction.


Who are you?

         Recently I have been very impressed by a post by my fellow blogger, Mr.Rohan Gandhi. I believe that he is a wonderful writer with a great vision. The name of the post is BE NEGATIVE. Till date I was thinking that I was a negative person but this post had completely given me a clarity that I am not a negative person.Let me explain, Mr Rohan has given a clear example that if a student with positive attitude is not able to solve a math problem he gets tired but he keeps an attitude that tomorrow will be different and he doesn’t study that day. But the next day with fresh mind he will definitely solve the problem. Now he explained that very well and I agree with him because I thought that I don’t think positive but when he gave me an example about negative thinkers I was shaken a bit, OK let me tell you how, Mr.Rohan explained about the negative person with a similar example. Mr Rohan wrote that if a student with negative attitude isn’t able to solve the math problem then he will think that if he is not able to solve the problem today then how could he solve the problem tomorrow? So he continues to work hard and solve the problem on the same day. Now this statement has really depressed me because I was proud of myself thinking that I was a negative thinker which I am not according to Mr Rohan.

        I have placed myself in the shoes of the student to have better vision about this topic .If i could not solve the problem then I will  also keep a positive thought that tomorrow will be different and I won’t solve the math that day. So at that moment I am a positive thinker. The next day when I try the problem it should be solved but if it is not solved, then who am I? Definitely I am not a positive thinker and it is also clear that I am not a negative thinker too because if I was a negative thinker I would have already solved it. Mr Rohan had also answered this question, he gave another example and told that if a person who thinks negative and isn’t doing the task then he is not negative person, he is a coward. So according to Mr Rohan I am a coward, wait a minute am I a coward? Hmmmmm……. Yes I am but not always, in fact I am a kind of person who act according to the situation which is sometimes the slave of time. Now let me add a factor called time for the above examples. If a I have two day’s time to solve my math’s assignment then as I have time with a positive attitude I hope that I would solve the problem the next day, as I got time I am a positive thinker .The next day with the fresh mind I try the problem .After sometime I am tired as I could not solve the math. I am only left with an option of getting up early in the morning and trying the math with a fresh mind but now I doubt that if I am not able to solve the problem with a fresh mind today then how come I solve it tomorrow? So I gave up positive thinking and added more efforts and finally I solve the problem on the same day, now I am a negative thinker. If I give up trying to solve the problem on my own as I lost interest after trying hard for two days, I copy the assignment from a friend, now I am a coward.

       If you ask me who I am? I can tell you confidently that I am a positive thinker sometimes, negative thinker sometimes and sometimes I act like a coward depending on time and situation. Now, if I ask you, Who are you? What would you say?

      I thank Mr Rohan Gandhi for writing a wonderful post which helped me learn about myself. Anyone who like’s this post may suggest a title in the comment box. The apt title will be named to the post .Thank you