In Servitude Review

      Hello everybody I am doing a Blog tour for Heleen Kist’s book “IN SERVITUDE” which is a thriller.I thank the author and Shalini of Digital Reads Blog Tour for giving me this opportunity.


About the author


Heleen Kist is a Dutch quintilingual Stanford-educated globetrotting career woman who fell in love with a Scotsman and his country, and now writes about its (sometimes scary) people from her garden office in Glasgow. Trained at work to spot and prevent financial crime, she put this knowledge to good use for her debut novel, In Servitude

My Review

Glory and grace are two sisters who are very close to each other. Grace is married to Stephen and has two wonderful kids Adam and Noah. Glory owes a café and Grace is a fitness trainer , she has a boyfriend Dave .Grace and Dave were about to live in to gather and then a tragic incident happens, Glory dies in an accident which changes life of Grace instantly .Her mom was a dementia patient and her father had to completely take care of her mother and so they can no way support Glory’s family. So all of a sudden Grace had to take care of Glory’s kids and the café till Stephen digested the death of Glory.

  As days pass Grace suspects that Glory was murdered  as she finds out that Glory had contacts with the underworld and was dealing something illegal and realizes that even she  and Glory’s family is in danger. The rest of the story is about how Grace saves herself and Glory’s family overcoming all the hurdles.

    When a person cares for the family, society and ethics then for sure the person should face lot of problems and Grace is one good example  of the above mention qualities and so her life is roller coaster. Her character was a tough one and the author took good care in showing her like that. She had to face lot of irritating things at a time and still had to be patient and I loved her character for being so. I can’t imagine myself being so cool if I were in her shoes. Dave was a good support to her but he had his own problems. I hated Grace’s father for being so selfish and her mother’s situation turned me more emotional. Glory was a typical person and so grace had so many puzzles to find what was happening in her life before her death which made the book very interesting. The only thing  which pulled me back was that author did not focus much on showing the underworld more powerful and cruel.Except for that book was a page turner , exciting and had good twist which doesn’t bore you.

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Publisher: Pollok Glen Publishing

Publication date: Pre-purchase from 17th August, release on 31st August

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Price: £1.99 / $2.99 eBook; £8.99 / $10.99 Paperback

Pages (paperback): 340

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4 thoughts on “In Servitude Review”

  1. Thanks a lot for your review, Vijay. Yes, I tried to stay away form ‘deep dark underworld’ too much as that is already so well represented in scottish crime fiction. I’m delighted you enjoyed it.

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